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RV Sites

Visitors who are here with their own caravan will also feel at home here in Schorndorf.

Gmünder Straße
Werner Bartesch offers a property for parking RVs for a very reasonable rate. All sites have their own electricity and water. There are also shower facilities, restrooms, and cooking facilities.  It´s a 10 minute walk from the parking sites to the city centre.

Parking rates:
Site rental fee: 5 € per camper, 4 € per person, dogs free.
Power connector 0,75 Euro/KwH
2 € replenish fresh water
2 € use washing machine
2 € shower

Werner Bartesch
Gmünder Straße 847
73614 Schorndorf
Phone: 07181 / 25 46 67
Mobile: 0172 / 7 82 20 48
Mail: bartesch.werner@t-online.de

Lortzingstraße at the Oskar Frech SeeBad
There are 5 sites on the "Oskar Frech SeeBad" parcing space. The use of these sites is for free.The sites offer a power connector and a disposal station for waste water.

Power connector:  1 kwh = 0,50 Euro
Dispose of waste water:   Euro per dispose
replenish fresh water: 1 Euro per unit

Oskar Frech SeeBad
73614 Schorndorf
Phone: 07181 / 9 64 50 - 200

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