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Konzert im Club Manufaktur
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Club Manufaktur

The Club Manufaktur, known locally as "Manu", is an important pillar in Schorndorfs cultural life.

Housed in the former building of the old porcelain factory, Manu turned an industrial wasteland into a trendy hotspot back in 1993.

The cultural program includes:

• Concerts
• Readings
• Dance Workshop
• Exhibitions
• Lectures
• Discos
• Summer program in the Manu-yard
• Boule
• Children with educational follow-up movie
• Children's Theatre
• Children's Carnival
• Cinema "Little escapes"

Find out more in the monthly events booklet.

Contact and booking details:

Hammerschlag 8
73614 Schorndorf
Phone: 0 71 81/6 11 66
E-mail: info@club-manufaktur.de

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