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Kunstwerk "Tor/Weg" von Gerda Bier
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The Kulturforum became the linchpin of the cultural activities.

The associasion is structured into sections. They do a lot for cultural events and projects.  The members are all honorary members.

Everything to the sections

An agency organises the projects together with the honorary members.

To the agency of the Kulturforum

Some examples:
  • sculptor symposium
  • guides sculpture tour
  • every year a graphic reproduction "Schorndorfer Edition"
  • art marcet
  • performances
  • author readings
  • animation- and comic workshop
  • dialect days
  • Schorndorfer guitar days

Events of the Kulturforum Schorndorf:

Fr 16.11.18
20:00 Uhr
So 25.11.18
18:00 Uhr
Veranstalter: Kulturforum Schorndorf e.V.
und Kunstverein Schorndorf e. V.
Fr 30.11.18
So 02.12.18
Freitag, 30. November 2018, 20 Uhr

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