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Bei der gemeinsamen Arbeit
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Integration and diversity

Schorndorf – home for all

Schorndorf is a city of diversity. Here live people from over a hundred nations. The mix between all the cultures and religions is a great enrichment.
We know about the challenge that runs together with the process of migration and integration. For a successful integration, the openness and commitment of both, our immigrants and the people who are living  in Schorndorf for many years. Therefore, it is very important for us to involve all the people in the integration work.  Because only a common shape creates togetherness, understanding and makes Schorndorf a place where everyone can feel at home.

Integration work on a solid foundation: conception of diversity

The town gave the integration work with the concept of diversity a solid foundation. People of all nations have an equal opportunity to participate in the social life of our city.

Representative of integration

  • The representative of integration is there for you in the following opening times:
    tuesdays 2 - 3 pm
    friedays 10 - 11 am
    Her function is amongst other things:
    • implementation and monitoring of projects and measures to promote equal participation of people with international roots in the political, economic, social and cultural life in Schorndorf
    • guidance of people with international origin and their agent organisations with the subject of migration and integration
    • recording of the concept for diversity
    • advancement of the intercultural and interreligious dialogs

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