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Schorndorf - come here and never want to leave

Schorndorf - Daimler´s town, the town of the Schorndorf women, a town surrounded by nature and culture. Schorndorf - come here and never want to leave.

The Romans found a settlement here and left their mark long before Schorndorf was first mentioned in a written document in 1235. In later centuries the town expanded, was fortified under Duke Ulrich I. and became an important administrative town. Then, during the 30 Years War, a catastrophe occurred: the town was attacked and burned down by imperial troops and only the late Gothic chancel of the town church, the historic castle and a few houses survived the blaze.

In 1688 it was a woman who taught the advancing French the true meaning of fear: Barbara Künkelin, the mayor´s wife, marched toward the town hall with her female followers, armed with flails and roasting pitchforks. The women took the mayor and the emissary from Stuttgart hostage and thus prevented the town from being handed over to the French - according to the legend at least.

He had a vision: Gottlieb Daimler, born March 17th 1834 in the Höllgasse, wanted to bring mobility to the world. And he did just that with his invention, the high-speed petrol engine. Today people are proud of this gifted son of the town, a prototype of the Swabian inventor.

It is not just these stories which attract visitors to Schorndorf, but also nature at its door, charming surrounding villages, cultural events, small restaurants, trendy bars and simply life´s diversity in this delightful town on the banks of the Rems.

Facts and figures

  • Worth knowing about Schorndorf

    Population: 39.669 (Stand 31.02.2015)
    District area: total: 5.684 ha
    Height: Schorndorf: 253,4 m
    County: Rems-Murr-Kreis
    License plate: WN
    Zip code: 73614
    Area code: 07181
    Region: Stuttgart
    Administrative region: Stuttgart
    Traffic connections: Schorndorf is located 30 km east of Stuttgart, near the expressway B 29 between Stuttgart and Aalen. There is also a railway line from Stuttgart to Aalen. Schorndorf is also connected to Stuttgart via the S-Bahn line S 2.
    City arms Das Schorndorfer Wappen

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