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Historische Stadtansicht
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History of Schorndorf

 1235: Schorndorf is first mentioned in a written document
 1262: Schorndorf first defined as a fortified town
 1514: The peasant uprising "Armer Konrad"
 1538-1544: Schorndorf is developed into a state fortress by Duke Ulrich I.
 1634: Town fire; besiged and bombarded by imperial troops - a of  Schorndorf, with the expection of the castle, the chancel of the  church and two houses, is razed to the ground.
 1688: The "Weiber von Schorndorf" (women of Schorndorf) prevent the town from being handed over to Louis XIV's troops
 1834: Gottlieb Daimler, inventor of the first small, high-speed petrol engine, is born in the "Höllgasse"
 1861: The Rems valley railway (Remstalbahn) is opened
The birth of Reinhold Maier, first Minister President (Ministerpräsident) of Baden-Württemberg
 1967: Schorndorf is named Große Kreisstadt - major district town
 1972-1975: The villages of Buhlbronn, Haubersbronn, Miedelsbach, Oberberken, Schlichten, Schornbach and Weiler are incorporated into Schorndorf to form one local authority

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