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Sister cities of Schorndorf

The first partnerhip was made in 1969 with Tulle in France. After this Schorndorf became sister city with a few other cities. There is Bury in Great Britain, Dueville in Italy, Errenteria in Spain, Kahla in Thüringen/Germany, Radenthein in Austria and Tusaloosa in the USA.

Bury, Great Britain since 1994

  • Bury is also the sister city of Tulle. The triangle Tulle-Bury-Schorndorf was made during the 25th anniversary of the partnership with Tulle.

    Bury belongs to Greater manchester County and has 182.000 inhabitans. Between a moor landscape in the north and the city of Manchester in the south, Bury is located on the banks of river Irwell.

    Website of the city Bury

Dueville, Italy since 1998

  • At the foot of the alps is the city of Dueville. Only a few kilometres remote from the provincial capital Vicenza. After a one hour drive you can reach Venice, the Adriatic sea, lake garda, Verona and the dolomits.

    Dueville is a small town with 12.000 inhabitans.

    Website of the city Dueville

Errentería, Spain since 2012

  • Errentería (39.000 inhabitants) is in the Basque region, 12 kilometres from the French border on the Atlantic. Errenteria is a good starting position for tours to the Pyrenees, to the "Picos de Europa" and to the cities Biarritz, San Sebastiàn or Bilbao. In Bilbao, you can visit the famous Guggenheim Museum.

    Webseite of the city Errenteria

Kahla, Thüringen/Germany since 1991

  • Kahla is in Thüringen, located in the "Saaletale" between Jena und Saalfeld. A popular attraction is the "Leuchtenburg" above the city.

    Kahla is a city with aprox. 8.000 inhabitants. The famous porcelain manufakture KAHLA/ Thüringen Porzellan GmbH an the biscuit company Griesson – de Beukelaer are situated here.

    Webseite of the city Kahla

Radenthein, Austria since 1966

  • Since 1966, the biggest district of Schorndorf Weiler is in a partnership with Radenthein in Austria.

    Radenthein has 8.500 inhabitans and is on the banks of the lake "Millstätter See".

    Website of the city Radenthein

Tulle, France since 1969

  • Tulle is located on the banks of the rivers Corrèze an Solane. 22.000 people are living there. It´s at the end of the beautiful valley Corrèze at the foot of the central massive. It´s the capital of the Department Corrèze.

    Website of the city Tulle

Tuscaloosa, USA since 1996

  • At the Black Warrior River in the US State Alabama is the city Tuscaloosa. Since 1996, the city with over 80.000 inhabitans is a sister city of Schorndorf. It´s also called the "new home of Mercedes" because the company from Stuttgart has built a big factory there.

    Website of the city Tuscaloosa

You can find more information about the sister cities on the website of the partnership club

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