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Stadtmuseum Schorndorf
(City museum Schorndorf)

In the city centre of Schorndorf, next to the town church is a beautiful half-timbered-house. In the past it was the grammar school, now it is the city museum. It gives you an insight into the city and cultural history of Schorndorf and its surrounding area. With around 900 square metres exhibition space, the city museum Schorndorf is one of the biggest museum of this kind.

Opening times:

  • tuesday - saturday: 10 am - 12 am and  2 - 5 pm
  • sunday and holidays: 10 am - 5 pm
    (not on Good Friday, 24., 25. und 31. December)                         
  • closed on mondays

Admission price:

  • Adult: 1,00 Euro
  • Groups of more than 10 persons: 0,50 Euro per person
  • Children under 6: free
  • Pupils (6 - 14 years): 0,30 Euro per person
  • Pupils, students and trainees with identity card: 0,50 Euro per person
  • You can save 0,50 Euro when you buy a combi ticket.
    It costs 2,50 Euro per person and it´s for the city museum and the gallery of art and engeneering.

If you want to get a guided tour, please contact the city museum.

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